Using Your Own Spell Check Dictionary

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You can now save time by using your own spell check dictionary from any SmartTool-enabled box. Custom spell check dictionaries supplement UChart’s built-in Spell Checker and allows users to add the words they commonly use, misspell, or abbreviate, such as diagnoses or medications.

Create your personal Spell Check Dictionary:

1. To open your personal spell check dictionary, right-click in any SmartTool-enabled box, like a note, and select Dictionaries.

2. Use the following options to customize your dictionary:

a. Ignore Words- Use this option to add words that aren’t already included in the system spell check dictionary, like your own name, so they aren’t marked as misspelled.

b. Misspelled Words- Use this option to remove words from the system spell check dictionary.

c. Auto Correct- Use this option to automatically correct words you tend to misspell or to automatically replace your shorthand with full words.

d. Suggestions- Use this option to suggest a particular word in place of one you misspell, but not correct it automatically. For example, you might want the system to suggest “posterior” whenever you type “post.”

Spell Check Settings:

You can configure your general spell check preferences. Once in a SmartTool-enabled field, select Dictionaries and click Options.   

In the General tab, choose the spell check options that meet your needs. For example, you might choose to have the spell checker ignore capitalized words

UChart Tip Sheet Last Updated 12/8/2020

If you require additional assistance, please contact the UChart Help Desk at 305-243-5999, Option 2 or UChartHD@med.miami.edu.