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Result Note and Release Results to MyChart

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You can more efficiently document on and inform other providers about a patient's results with the updated Result Note activity. Review the result report and any other additional information you need from the chart while your result note stays open in the sidebar, route a result note to another provider, file a progress note, and release results to MyChart in one smooth workflow.

Write a Result Note and Release Results to MyChart:

1. Go to In Basket, open a Results message, and click the Result Note
2. Use the buttons in the Results section of the sidebar to select which orders you want to associate with your note: all orders, no orders, only orders with abnormal results, or only orders with unreviewed results. You can also select orders individually. 

Symbols next to each order indicate if:               

The result has already been released to MyChart.

The result is scheduled for release to MyChart.

The result has patient comments in MyChart. You can review these comments in the result report.

3. Write your result note using the result report and any additional information you might need from the chart.    
  • Add recipients or clear the Route check box if you are not routing the result note.
  • If necessary, adjust the priority for the message.
  • Your note will be filed to the chart with the result. Select the Also file Progress Note check box if you also want to file a progress note to the chart. This makes the note appear on the Notes tab in Chart Review. 
4. Add a comment that will appear with the results in MyChart. You can select the Notify if not viewed check box to set up notifications for yourself, the order's authorizing provider, or a pool if the patient or their proxy does not view the result comment in MyChart within a certain number of days. Adjust these settings if necessary, by clicking the blue link.
5. Click Accept to finish your work and return to the Results folder of In Basket or select Apply to Selected to save your changes and remain in the chart.

Update Your Result Note Preferences:

Make your result note workflow as efficient as possible by setting up your default result note settings. Click the wrench to open your preferences. 

A. Select which subset of orders you typically want your result note to apply to.
B. If you often route result notes to the same set of providers, use the Build My Lists feature to save recipients in a distribution list that you can quickly pull in. Or, add common recipients or even a pool in the Enter default recipients’field.
C. Select settings for releasing results to MyChart and notifications if the patient or their proxy does not view their result comments within a certain number of days.

UChart Tip Sheet Last Updated 12/3/2020

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