ECGs Go Mobile
Providers can now see ECG results on mobile devices in Haiku and Canto.

Search Patient Events/Patient Log
The Patient Events log now has a search bar that allows you to search a patient's events by name, departments, staff member who filed the event, comment, provider, or event ID.
See Vaping History at a Glance
The answers to vaping status questions now appear in the Social section of a patient's History Summary in the Side-by-Side Triage Workspace and in mobile applications for quick reference alongside similar information. 
Medication - Last Action
Emergency room physicians can now more quickly see what action was last performed on a completed medication, along with the date and time it was performed, by hovering over the Med Status section of Storyboard. 
Musculoskeletal Smartform 
Changes have been made to the Musculoskeletal Smartform. A) Region specific tabs are replacing the avatar, B) Annotation images are reorganized, and C) the comments box will always appear.
Abdomen Smartform
Changes have been made to the Abdomen Smartblock to include more accurate male (A) and female (B) abdomen components. 

UChart Tip Sheet Last Updated 12/3/2020

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