New MyUHealthChart Experience

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MyUHealthChart has been redesigned to adapt to your needs and feel more at home, whether using the MyUHealthChart website or mobile app. The new design presents shortcuts to everyday activities and an actionable feed of updates when you log in. A new activity search feature and unified menu structure help guide you to the activities that you are looking for. Along with the home, page redesign comes consistency between the MyUHealthChart website and the MyUHealthChart mobile app-all features that are available on the MyUHealthChart website are now also accessible through the mobile app, and the new appearance is shared across platforms.


To change the language of the account, click the Globe and select the language desire:

Proxy Accounts

When you have access to multiple patient records, such as a parent who has access to their children’s account, information for the proxy, and all patients to whom you have proxy access will appear in your Health Feed section. You can switch accounts by clicking the Menu and select your family member’s name.


These shortcuts on the homepage provides you with quick and easy access for the four activities you use the most.

Health Feed

The health feed is a combined view of actionable health updates. In addition to seeing information from the organizations you are connected with; it is easier to see external information from other organizations linked to your account. You will also see all the proxy health information in the same health feed section when you have access to multiple patient records. Proxies will be displayed color-coded, making it easy to stay on top of everyone’s care.  


This section of the screen shows when the system is down or when there is an upcoming update.

Explore More

The Explore More section, which appears at the bottom of the health feed, allows you to get more information based on the card you select and the card that is made available to you.

Unified Menu

The new Menu provides access to every available activity, in addition to what is accessible through shortcuts or the health feeds. You can also use the search field to search within the Menu.


Will open the Message Center, where you can view:

  • All incoming messages
  • What message has been sent out
  • Create a new message by selecting the Ask a question button

In this section, you can also sort out the messages by date.

To create a new message, click the Ask a question button. From the page, you can select the following:

  • New Medical Question: This can be used, for example, if you need clarification on the dosage of one of your medications or something discussed in a recent visit or just want advice about a common illness.
  • Customer Service Question: This can be used, for example, if you cannot send a message to the provider or if you cannot see a test result, and you need assistance.
  • Request a Medication Refill: This is to be used when requesting a refill or renewal of current medication.

Test Results (Labs)

Here you can see your lab results from the clinic and hospital. If you cannot see the hospital results, make sure that the checkbox next to Show hospital results is checked off.


In this section, you can see all your current medications. You can see each medication's details, including the prescribed dosage, instructions, and the physician who prescribed the medication. You can also manage your pharmacies and request a refill that is not on your medication list by selecting the Request refills button.

Sharing: Share My Record

In this section, you have several different features through the MyUHealthChart patient portal to allow you to access your health records and share them with other people.

To open Share My Record, select Menu and scroll down to the sharing section and select Share My Records. You can also use the search field, and type Share My Records to locate it faster.

Share with people

Friends and Family access

In this section, you can share your health information with Friends and Family Access by granting them access. You can see who can see your records and whose records you have access to.

Click Invite Someone to grant them access to your records.

When inviting someone to access your records, you will need to enter their name, email, and select what access you would like the person to have on your chart.

Note: They must verify they know you by entering your date of birth.

Download or send your record

This section allows you to view, download, or send your medical health records. You can select a single visit or multiple visits by selecting the options below:

  • Single visit
  • Date range
  • All Visits
  • Lucy summary: it is a portable copy of your allergies, medications, current health issues, procedures, test results, and immunizations from MyUHealthChart.

Connect with Hospitals and Doctors

Give one-time access with Share Everywhere

Share Everywhere allows you to share your record with a doctor, chiropractor, social worker, physical therapist, dentist, or school nurse. This will give them the ability to see your health record summary, view other clinical data, and submit a note to your care team.

Note: The code send to them is only valid for one hour.

Link your accounts

Here you can link all your MyUHealthChart account with other healthcare organizations to see your health information in one place. User the search field to search for the organization by name, city, or state.

UChart Tip Sheet Last Updated 12/3/2020

If you require additional assistance, please contact the UChart Help Desk at 305-243-5999, Option 2 or