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E-Prescribe Controlled Substance Orders

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E-Prescribe Controlled Substance to be Second Signed by the Attending in Bronch Lab

Fellows/Residents/APRNs/PAs without DEA can now sign the order; however, the order will require a Second Signature to be active.

From the Respiratory tab after the patient is check in, you can sign controlled substances to be Second Sign by the Attending using the Meds & Orders section.

1. Click Meds & Orders.
2. Search for the order(s) within the search field.

3. In the Order Search window, click the After Visit Medications section. 
4. Select the Order(s)

5. Complete all Hardstops in the order.

6. Confirm Pharmacy for e-prescribe and click the Sign button.

7. Complete all Hardstops in the Providers window:

  • Ordering provider
  • Authorizing Providers
    •  The Second Signer field will appear once the authorizing provider has been entered.

Note: Once the orders have been signed, contact the authorizing/supervisor provider to sign the orders from their In Basket or to Manager Orders to avoid any delays.

Attending workflow to sign Second Signature controlled substance orders:

The orders will go to the In Basket of the designated second-signer for the Attending to approve and sign. Also, the Attending may go to Manage Orders to view and complete the Second Sign for the controlled substance signed by their Fellows/Residents/APRNs/PAs.

From Manage Orders:

1. Click Cosign
2. Click on the header Second Sign (Click here to Second Sign)
3. From Second Sign, the Attendings can Accept, Reject, or Modify & Accept the orders
4. Click Sign to finalize and route the Rx to the pharmacy


UChart Tip Sheet Last Updated 12/3/2020

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