Ordering Providers

Direct Bedded Outpatient Orders

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For patients who need to be directly admitted and scheduled for a procedure (non-surgical) and that do not qualify for observation or inpatient status, providers will need to place a Bedded Outpatient order for the direct admission.

1. Click on the Encounter button.

2. Search for the patient that will be admitted.

3. Once the patient is found, click on the NEW button.

4. In the TYPE selection field, click the magnifying glass. Select Orders for Admission (Change department to receiving department) and click Accept.

5. VERY Important: The Provider must change the Department to the location where the patient is going to be Admitted. Click Accept.

6. Within the Visit Navigator.

  1. Click on Order Sets.
  2. Search for UM General Admission Order Set.
  3. Click on Open Order Sets.

7. The order set will automatically default at the bottom, select UM Bedded Outpatient order. a. Remember to complete ALL that is Required (Hardstops) within the order set:

  1. Remember to complete ALL that is Required (Hardstops) within the order set: 

8. Under UM Bedded Outpatient, providers must complete all the Hardstops within the order.


All Mid-Levels, Residents, Fellows and PA Providers, when placing an Admission Orders, you are required to enter an appropriate Authorizing Provider before signing the orders. If this is not done, you will get a Hardstop warning which will prevent you from signing.

1. Click the Providers button prior to signing admission orders.

2. Add the Authorizing Provider.

3. Click Sign Orders for Admission.

Providers who use the Orders for Admission Encounter to place direct admission orders will now see a New Order Context Window. Upon signing the provider will be prompted to enter the Sign and Hold Reason with Admission Reason & expected date. This feature will allow the provider to group orders together by the specific reason and date. This will provide nursing with a highly visible detail at the top which will increase accuracy in releasing the right orders. Ex: Chemo infusion 6/06/2020.

Remember: these orders are not active on the patient’s chart until the receiving nurse releases the orders once the patient arrives at the receiving unit.

When signing orders, Review Content window will appear.

4. Enter the Sign and hold reason: click the magnify glass and select Orders for Admission

5. Enter the Admission Reason and expected date:

  1. Free Text: Be very descriptive (Ex: Chemo Infusion on XXXX date)
  2. Click Accept to finish

When viewing Signed and Held Orders that originated from an Orders for Admission Encounter, nurses will now see order context detail at the top of each group of orders when sorted by Order Set.

Once you have signed the orders, click the X next to the patient’s name

UChart Tip Sheet Last Updated 12/1/2020

If you require additional assistance, please contact the UChart Help Desk at 305-243-5999, Option 2 or UChartHD@med.miami.edu.