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SmartLists are common choices that help you quickly customize your documentation. You are now able to create your own custom list and add it to any SmartPhrase you create or have pervious created.

1. Click on the Personalize button

2. Click on My SmartPhrases

Once your SmartTools is open:

3. Click on the SmartLists tab

4. Select the Create SmartList option. Give your SmartList a name in the Name field. (Use your initials first). Click Accept

A SmartList Editor workspace will open:

5. List tab: Under Selections is where you can add your choices for the SmartList you are creating.

a. You can also insert Smartphrases you created by using the name e.g. ‘.name’

6. Selection Type: Choose if you would like to make your SmartList Single Select (can only choose one option) or Multiple Select (can choose more than one option at a time).

7. Users and Owners: Select this tab and add the users you would like to share the SmartList. *Select the check box if you want the user to edit the SmartList.

To insert the SmartList you created onto your SmartPhrase:

1. Double click on the SmartPhrase you would want to add the SmartList to.

2. Click in the text box where you would like to insert the SmartList.

3. Click inside the search box in Insert SmartList and enter the name of your SmartList.

4. Once you found the SmartList, click Add to SmartPhrase button. Your SmartList will show on your SmartPhrase like this {name of your SmartList}.

UChart Tip Sheet Last Updated 12/1/2020

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