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Create, Share, and Copy a SmartPhrases

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SmartPhrases allow you to type a few characters that automatically expand to a longer phrase or paragraph. If you frequently type the same phrase or block of text while charting, you can turn it into your own SmartPhrase and quickly pull the text into future notes.

1. Click on the Personalize button

2. Click on My SmartPhrases


Once your SmartPhrases Manager is open:

  1. Click on New User SmartPhrase.
  2.  Enter a name for your SmartPhrases in the Name field.
    • *Please note use your initials first every time you create a new SmartPhrase
    • If necessary, edit the description in the Description text box. If you made changes to the SmartPhrase text, you could click the Populate from Text link to automatically bring in a description based on the SmartPhrase text.
    • Add synonyms in the Synonym section.
  3. Enter the text you want to save as a SmartPhrase.
    1. Use the various formatting tools on the toolbar to change how the text appears.
    2. To add a SmartLink or SmartPhrase to the text, click the SmartLink/Phrase Butler button or enter the dot-phrase for the SmartPhrase directly in the text box.
    3. To add a SmartText, search in the Insert SmartText field.
    4. To add a SmartList, search in the Insert SmartList field.


Sharing SmartPhrase within the Editor:

To add users to use your SmartPhrase, in the Sharing section:

Note: You are already listed as a user and editor, meaning you can both use the SmartPhrase and open it in the SmartPhrase Editor.

  1. Enter a user's name or ID in the User column.
  2. Select the Can Edit? check box next to a user if you want to allow that user to open the SmartPhrase in the SmartPhrase Editor and make changes to it. Note that you can remove yourself as an editor, but that means you will not be able to open the SmartPhrase in the SmartPhrase Editor again.
Sharing SmartPhrase from the SmartPhrases Manager:

You now access the Share and Copy actions through two separate toolbar buttons. The new Copy To button allows you to create and give a copy of your SmartPhrase for other users or allows you to copy another user SmartPhrase, while the Share With button allows you to extend an existing SmartPhrase for others to use.


  1.  Select the User level.
  2. Select one or more SmartPhrases from your list to share with another user.
  3. Click the Share With button. The Share SmartPhrases window appears.
  4. Enter the user to share the SmartPhrase with.
  5. Select the Can Edit? check box if you want to mark the user as an editor who can make changes to the SmartPhrase.
  6. Click Accept.


When viewing another user's list, you can now quickly add another user's phrase to your own list.

  1. In another user's list, select the desired SmartPhrase.
  2. Click Add to My SmartPhrases in the toolbar, or right-click on the phrase and select Add to My SmartPhrases.

Copy a SmartPhrase from the SmartPhrases Manager:

  1. Select the User level and in the User field, enter the username. Click the magnify glass.
  2. Select the one or more SmartPhrases you want to copy.
  3. Click the Copy To button. The Copy SmartPhrases window appears.
  4. Confirm your name in the User field or enter the users you want to receive copied records.
  5. Click Accept.

Shortcuts to copying and sharing SmartPhrases from the SmartPhrase Manager:

You can right-click on the rows to view a menu with action buttons. Alternatively, hovering over a row also brings up these action buttons.

UChart Tip Sheet Last Updated 12/1/2020

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