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Create QuickActions to send MyChart Message

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Use QuickActions to write and route standard MyChart messages in a few clicks. For example, if you often respond to patient advice requests with the suggestion to schedule an appointment, you can create a QuickAction that sends this response and removes the associated message from your In Basket.

  1. Click Manage QuickActions on the In Basket toolbar to open the QuickAction Manager.
  2. Click New QuickAction > Secure Patient Message.
  3. Enter a brief name for your QuickAction, such as Sched Appt, in the Name field.
  4. Enter your message in the text box. Any SmartLinks you enter will pull in the relevant patient's information when you use this QuickAction.
  5. Review the options on the Message tab and configure them as needed. For example: o To have a chance to edit the message text before it's sent, leave the Show message before sending check box selected.
    1. To automatically remove the associated message from your In Basket, select the Mark In Basket message as complete after filing check box.
  6. Select the Tasks & Attachments tab to add questionnaires for the patient to complete and further customize your QuickAction. For example: o Select the Do not allow patient reply check box to prevent patients from replying to these messages.
    1. Select the Allow reply directly to me check box if you accept replies and want them sent to your In Basket rather than to a support staff pool.
  7. Click on the double chevrons to select the message types for which you want to use this QuickAction. Add one or more message types to the list or select the All available folders check box.
  8. When you are done, click Accept. A new QuickAction button appears on the report toolbar in all the message types you specified in step 7.


UChart Tip Sheet Last Updated 12/1/2020

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