Resolute Billing

Automate Electronic Payment Reconciliation Errors

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Payment reconciliation staff no longer needs to manually review transactions to identify the source of discrepancies between payments posted in UChart and those posted by the gateway vendor. The batch job identifies cases where a payment is included in the gateway’s file but isn’t posted in UChart or vice versa, or a payment is included in both but with mismatched amounts.

Transactions whose amounts in UChart don't match those in the gateway vendor, or that are posted in one but not in the other, are included in the Electronic Payment Reconciliation report. To see only these known discrepancies, excluding potential issues that could be false positives, use the Failure Type criteria to show only errors with a failure type of Reconciliation.

To view a quick demo on the report, refer to the Q2 2020 Upgrade Resolute Billing CBL on ULearn.

UChart Tip Sheet Last Updated 12/2/2020

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