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    • Social Determinants of Health
      • Lifestyle questions will be moved out of the History section and will now have its own SDOH section



    • Message responses can now be sent to a pool

    • Storyboard visual changes (i.e. more patient demographic information, treatment and therapy plan information highlighted banners)


    • In the Medication Administration when you select the Dose or Rate tab, the Last Dose or Last Rate button is now available. The action is selected automatically based on the unit and the dose or rate you entered

    •  You can now select a bolus or continuous doses for the same medication in the medication administration form.

    • The Anesthesia Storyboard now includes a way to report on a patient’s Watch Meds for review.


    • Update to the Protocol Review Report – New look
    • More options in SlicerDicer – Specifically the patients with cancer data model
    • Line Linking has a new look


    • Manage MyUHealth Accounts in an Updated Activity
      • Updated MyChart Administration activity allows you now to activate or deactivate an account. Add, change, or remove proxy access. Change User login information and so much more.

    • Today’s Patients Report is now Modernized and Organized
      • It is easier to see the patient’s demographics, current encounter, and upcoming encounters in the updated Today’s Patients Report. You can quickly admit, check-in, or register the patient.

    • Switch E-Signature Forms with a Click of a Button
      • You can now click Change Template when collecting a patient’s e-signature document to select a different version of the form from the one that appears automatically.


    • Clearer Blood Transfusion Report Button - New Look 


    • Add Commonly used LDA’s to the Avatar with Quick buttons - New look /Time Saver
    • The Brain will also be located in the chart now - New look/Key change


    • Edit the Patient’s Problem List in Canto
      • Providers can now access and edit the patient’s Problem list on their mobile devices.

    • Open Attachments in Result
      • Providers can now view lab results in Haiku or Canto by tapping on the links to open the attachments within the results report.

  • HIM

    • Baseline CDI Review now files when a second review is created
    • Quick Disclosures are even faster with an updated activity
    • Compare patient demographics across organizations when unlinking patient records.


    • Shortcuts to Activities within the Patient Lists
      • Providers will now click on one of the 5 shortcuts to take them directly to that section.
    • Second Signature now for EPCS for providers who are not authorized to E-Prescribe Narcotics
      • NPs, Residents who are not authorized to E-Prescribe narcotics can now sign the orders, but those orders are require a second sign to be active which the designated second-signer can do within the InBasket.
    • Receive Push Notifications When Consults Order and Signed Orders are Completed
      • Providers can now subscribe to get push notifications for signed orders or be notified when a consult is completed. Notification will be received via Haiku and/or Canto.


    • Consent buttons appear in the order they’re listed
    • See MyChart result comments in your workspace
    • Visit Checklist moved from sidebar to more activity’s menu.


    • OR MANAGERS ‐ The Perioperative Pulse dashboard, formerly the OR Manager Metrics dashboard, has a new look. Easily discover trends with graphed data and dig into specific metrics by 
      1. clicking into additional dashboards
      2. Hover over the distribution graph to see where your organization stands among the Epic community
      3. Hover over a data point on the graph to drill down for more information
    • OR & CATH MANAGERS AND SCHEDULERS – The OR Manager dashboard now contains the OR Blocked and Unblocked Time report. This component report shows the ratio of blocked and unblocked time for OR/Cath Lab locations, and this information can be used to help plan how to reschedule procedures that were postponed due to COVID-19.
    • PREFERENCE CARD BUILDERS – The report that opens when you click the Cases Missing Preference Cards report in the Preference Card Maintenance dashboard now includes a Status column. Use this column to sort cases based on their scheduling status, to help you prioritize which cases to add preference cards to first.


    • New updates to Storyboard to enhance user experience, applicable for multiple roles of Radiant. (i.e. more information appears in the Radiologist Storyboard, more patient demographic information).
    • New buttons and right-click functions to various roles and Epic sections, enhancing the system by making it easier to access important workflow information.


    Hospital Billing

    • Updated Claim Edit Workqueues – a new look and workflow changes.
    • New look to the HB Charge Review Workqueues – new error and warnings sidebar.
    • New look to the Tx Inquiry account tab – badges displaying total for each section and groupers to help easily sort transactions

    Professional Billing

    • Updated Claim Edit Workqueues – a new look and workflow changes.
    • Improved the Charge Entry Batch Activity – new appearance that better uses screen space and makes it easier to identify if the batch is balanced correctly.
    • Revamped UCL Detail Report – reorganized to help a user find key details about a charge line more easily.


    • Return Dispense Now Uses Dispense Prep Information
    • PRN Reason Now Appear in Duplicate Medication Warnings
    • Review the Pharmacy Workload All in One Place

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Once the upgrade is complete, assistance will be available 24/7 from Sunday, December 6 through Sunday, December 13 by calling (305) 243-5999 and selecting option 2, or emailing UChartHD@med.miami.edu.

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