Explore New System Features - HIM 3M Coders

Note: A menu will display at the beginning of the course for users that have been assigned a Clinical User (nurse) or Provider (physician) CBL. Once you select your role, the updates that pertain to you will be displayed.

View Hospital Medical Record Statistics by Revenue Location

Deficiency managers who use the HIM DT Manager dashboard will be able to select a revenue location to view information about that location in the Hospital Medical Records Statistics component.

Report on Coding With the Coding Manager Overview Dashboard for Coding Managers

The new Coding Manager Overview dashboard will track how your department is doing. This dashboard will be organized in three parts:workqueue overviews on the left, coding AR and errors in the center, and follow-ups, such as outstanding queries, on the right.

Automatic In Basket Messages for Chart Correction Requesters

Users who submit Chart Correction cases using help desk requests will get automatic In Basket messages about their request's status so you don't have to notify them yourselves. Check the Storyboard to see if a requester wants updates and if any messages have been sent.


Once the upgrade is complete, assistance will be available 24/7 from Sunday, June 28 through Thursday, July 2 by calling 2+EPIC or emailing UChartHD@med.miami.edu.