Explore New System Features - Emergency Department Staff

Note: A menu will display at the beginning of the course for users that have been assigned a Clinical User (nurse) or Provider (physician) CBL. Once you select your role, the updates that pertain to you will be displayed.

UMH: Storyboard Changes and Icons

Users will see new icons for Reconciling outside information, sensitive information, inconsistent legal sex/gender, telephone numbers (for telephone encounters), and confidential patients. Additional demographics and the problem list will be available on the Hover bubble.

UMH & BPEI: Reassigning Patients

When providers use the Sign Out activity from the Track Board, Manager, or Map to sign out of the ED, a button will appear next to each patient that, when clicked, will show a list of available providers. These buttons will appear in addition to the existing button next to the ‘Reassign all patients to’ field, which will show the same list when clicked.

BPEI: ED Manager Updates

Contact number will appear next to staff name if documented in the Contact within the Current Staff list. The Current Staff list can be collapsed when it isn't in use.

A Red clock icon will appear instead of the old red bell icon. This will indicate that a patient has been in their current status too long in addition to a tooltip that tells the user how long the patient has remained in their current status.  


Once the upgrade is complete, assistance will be available 24/7 from Sunday, June 28 through Thursday, July 2 by calling 2+EPIC or emailing UChartHD@med.miami.edu.