Update To Administration Form

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A. Warnings appear near the information you need to act on so you can quickly resolve them. For example:

  • A warning about the dose appears below the Dose
  • A warning about the date or time appears below the Date and Time

In addition, you can scan multiple medications for a patient and then address any warnings for all the medications at the same time. To resolve a warning, correct the information in the associated field or enter an override reason and click Override.

B. Each section, such as Administration Details and Flowsheets, appears in its own card so it’s easier for you to find information. All information that you might need to document in appear on the right side of the Administration form, including mixture medication details that previously appeared on the left side of the form.

C. Click Go to Next to jump to the next warning to address or required or recommended flowsheet row to complete.



UChart Tip Sheet Last Updated 10/7/2021

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