Revamped Compound and Repackaging Activity

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Revamped Compounding and Repackaging Activity

Technicians have a redesigned Compounding and Repackaging activity; the activity now looks and feels more like the Dispense Prep Activity. Pharmacists can now review compounded and repackaged medications alongside other preparations in the Pharmacist Queue.

1. Start a new batch by selecting from your favorite or recently used recipes or searching in the Medication to Produce field.

2. Confirm or update the amount you are producing and the destination pharmacy and then click Accept.

3. Review the recipe on the right then scan each package you are using in the batch and verify the lot numbers, expiration dates, and quantities used. Confirm or update the shelf life and beyond-use date.

4. Click Print Labels or Print Report as needed.

5. When the batch is ready for review, click the Technician button, then enter your password to sign off and send for pharmacist review.

a. If you make an error during preparation or there is an issue with one of the ingredients, you can mark the batch as unusable instead of sending it for review. To do so, click Reject and enter a reason and comment. 


Review Compounds from the Pharmacist Queue

Find batches ready for your review in the Pharmacist Queue instead of switching activities. You can then see the packages a technician scanned, information they entered, and any warnings that appeared.

6. Access the Pharmacist Queue and navigate to the Preparation Review tab

  • Notice that there is also a Compounding and Repackaging Check queue. You could review the compounds here.
  • To use this queue, scan the control ID barcode for the compound and review from here.

7. Double-click a batch to open it for review.

8. Review information about the batch preparation. Compare the scanned product details and any warnings appear on the left to the batch information, recipe, and ingredients on the right.

9. Based on your review, do one of the following:

a. Sign off on your review by clicking the Pharmacist button and entering your password.

b. Send the batch back to the technician for updates by clicking Request Change. Enter a reason and comment.

c. Mark the batch as unusable by clicking Reject. Enter a reason and comment.

10. When batches are rejected, they can be sent back to the technician with a comment. This reverts the batch to the last pre-pharmacist review action.

  • Rejected batches cannot be used for a dispense, and a warning appears in the MAR if a nurse attempts to administer a dose from the batch.

UChart Tip Sheet Last Updated 10/4/2021

If you require additional assistance, please contact the UChart Help Desk at 305-243-5999, Option 2 or UChartHD@med.miami.edu.