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Reporting an Issue via the Upgrade Support Activity in UChart

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Beginning October 10th, you will be able to report issues related to the UChart Summer 2021 Upgrade directly from UChart Hyperspace using the Upgrade Support activity.

Steps to report an issue to the UChart Upgrade Support Team via the Upgrade Support activity from October 10th – October 15th.

Need Support?

1. From the Epic button menu, select Upgrade Support.

You may add the Upgrade Support activity to your Hyperspace toolbar using the Personalize > Modify My Toolbar option

2. The Help Desk screen appears. Search and select the appropriate Issue Type. Refer to page 3-4 for list of issue types.

3. Do NOT complete this field.

Important: Information entered in the Patient field will NOT be sent to the Upgrade Support Team.

4. Enter a Subject.

5. Enter a description of the issue.

6. Verify the Contact name is the name of the user logged into UChart.

7. Enter a valid contact Phone Number.

8. Select a Priority (optional). The default priority is Medium.

9. Click Send.

Do NOT enter any Patient Information (PHI/PII) in any of the fields.

Issues entered via the Upgrade Support activity will be routed to ServiceNow. The Upgrade Support Team will follow up with the user via ServiceNow.

Issue Types

Issue Type

Issue Description


RTE, Check-in, Admitting, Bed Planning


Anesthesia documentation, Anesthesia providers


Billing, SBO, CBO

Bronchoscopy Lab

Bronchoscopy lab procedures

Call Center

Scheduling, Visit Contact, SMS Messages, Appointment Requests, Appointment Reminders, Templates, Subgroups, Decision Tree

Case Management

Case management, Utilization Review

Cath Lab

Cardiology Cath Lab, Case Scheduling, Charting, Charge Posting, Procedure Consents

Device Integration

Anesthesia machines, Vital signs monitors, Ventilators, Ventilator surveillance monitors, Dialysis, CRRT, ECMO, high flow O2, etc.

Emergency Department


GI Procedures

GI procedures, Case Scheduling, Charting, Charge Posting, Procedure Consents

Health Information Management

Chart correction, Release of Information


Single Sign On

Infection Control

Isolation/contact precautions FYI, Infection control dashboards/reports

Inpatient Documentation

Inpatient charting (e.g. flowsheets, notes, MAR) Patient Lists, Brain, Remote Sitter, Epic Monitor, Patient discharge

Inpatient Ordering

Inpatient orders, Order sets


Instrument connectivity, lab orders, lab orders not crossing to lab system


CTU, Treatment plans, Hem Onc clinics

Oncology Research

Research Plans/Medications/SmartSet/Order Set

Ophthalmology Clinics

Ophthalmology clinics


Outpatient clinics (excluding ophthalmology)


Pharmacy staff, Pyxis, Medications

Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy charting

Population Health

MSO; Medicare Advantage; Care Manager

Issue Types- Cont’d

Issue Type

Issue Description


Documents not printing or printing to incorrect location


Regulatory requirements, Registry reporting, Quality Assurance



Interventional Radiology (IR)

Interventional Radiology


Document scanning


Appointment scheduling, CRM, Referrals

Social Work

Social Work, Discharge planning


Case Scheduling, Charting, Charge Posting, Procedure Consents


Upgrade training, tip sheets, CBL


Welcome kiosk


Issue type not defined

If an issue does not fall within the following predefined issue types or occurs outside of UChart/Epic, please report the incident to the Upgrade Support Team by calling 305-243-5999 (Option 1) or by sending an email to UChartHD@med.miami.edu.

Check the Status of Your Request

To allow end users to follow up on the status of their incidents, a link to the ServiceNow Self-Service Portal within UChart is now available from the Epic button>Links menu> ServiceNow Self-Service Portal.

This menu option will open a new browser, requiring the user to authenticate.

Once the user has signed in, the Self-Service Portal displays. From this screen, the user should select, My Orders and Incidents, then My Incidents. The user will then see a list of incidents they have opened in various states.


UChart Tip Sheet Last Updated 10/8/2021

If you require additional assistance, please contact the UChart Help Desk at 305-243-5999, Option 2 or UChartHD@med.miami.edu.