Resolute Billing

Claim edit workqueues have a new, more modern layout. Notably, the detailed view section of the workqueue, which appears along the bottom of the screen, has been overhauled. It now has color-coded cards with detailed information about the claims in the workqueue, which you can use to quickly assess and prioritize errors.

1. When you launch the Claim Info, the Claim Information Selector window appears. You have the option to:

a. Create a New Claim Information Record.
b. Open an existing claim record.
c. Associate an existing claim record with the patient.
d. If you have security, you can right-click on a claim information record to rename or delete the record.

2. When you create a new claim information record or open an existing record, the Claim Info activity opens. All of the forms are automatically open. You can scroll through the activity or use the sidebar table of contents to jump between relevant forms when adding information to the record.

3. When you are finished adding information, click Done to close the activity.

UChart Tip Sheet Last Updated: 10/6/2021

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