Manage LDAs in the LDA Avatar

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Manage Anesthesia LDAs in the LDA Avatar

In the LDA Avatar, a patient's lines, drains, and airways (LDAs) appear on a visual representation of the body so you can quickly see where a patient's LDAs are located. You can document and review LDAs from the avatar.

Try it Out: Add an LDA

1. In the Intraprocedure activity, click  to open the LDAs window

2. Click Add LDA

3. Select an LDA type from the list

4. Document a placement time and properties

5. Click Accept

Try it Out: Assess an LDA

1. In the LDAs window, select an LDA by hovering over it on the image of the person and then click  Assess. Note that you can also select an LDA by choosing it from the list of active LDAs. 

2. Enter your assessment documentation in the Assessment section

a. Click magnifying glass to select options.

b. Right-click to enter.

If necessary, you can:                   

a. Select a different time in the timeline.

b. Click Copy Previous to grab previous assessment documentation to start from.

3. Click Accept to file your assessment documentation or click Cancel to remove your in-progress assessment. 

Try it Out: Document LDA Information for Another Staff Member

1. If you are recording placement or assessment data for another staff member, click  Responsible in the Properties section or the Assessment section

2. In the Responsible User window, enter the user who placed the LDA or collected the assessment data. 

3. Click Accept

Try it Out: Delete and LDA Entered in Error

If you need to delete an LDA that was documented in error, select the LDA from the list and click  Delete LDA.


UChart Tip Sheet Last Updated 10/4/2021

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