E-Prescribe Controlled Medications

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E-Prescribe Controlled Medications in Haiku and Canto

On iOS devices, when you check your In Basket, you can now see how many unread messages you have in all folders. The actual message text isn't available in folders that aren't accessible from mobile devices, but the indication lets you know that you need to check in from a workstation.

The following are new changes in Haiku and Canto regarding how messages appear for providers in In Basket on their mobile devices, both of which allow them to see at a glance whether they need to take action:

  • For iOS devices, when clinicians view their In Basket, they can see how many unread messages there are in folders that aren't accessible from their mobile device. Even though the message text isn't available, they can see if they have new messages to read on a workstation.
  • For iOS and Android devices, folders that are empty no longer appear. This replaces the behavior of empty folders appearing grayed-out.
On iOS devices, see how many unread messages you have in all folders, including ones whose message text is not available on mobile devices. If a folder contains a high-priority message, its message count is red.

UChart Tip Sheet Last Updated 10/4/2021

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