Document Flowsheet Information for Medication

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When you need to document additional information in flowsheet rows for certain medications, such as recording a pain score or blood pressure, some tools are now placed more conveniently or appear differently from before:

A. The Responsible and Restore buttons now appear next to the Time Taken

B. Select the Show Details check box to view details about the flowsheet row. A report pane opens and is updated based on the flowsheet row you select.

C. To document the same values as the last time they were filed, select the Use All Previous Values check box. This check box appears above the flowsheet rows, so you can select it first and then quickly update any values that have changed.

D. An exclamation point icon and box around the value buttons indicate that a row is required.

E. Select the flag icon to indicate when documented flowsheet values are significant.


UChart Tip Sheet Last Updated 10/6/2021

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