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Adding COVID-19 Vaccination Information to Historical Immunizations

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Care Everywhere Upgrades for SA2021

This tip sheet contains the updates to Care Everywhere for the SA2021 Upgrade of UChart.

Care Everywhere Icon Now Appears on Chart Review Tabs When a Hidden Default Quick Filter Hides Outside Data

When outside data is hidden from a Chart Review tab by a hidden default Quick Filter, a Care Everywhere icon now appears in the top right corner of the tab. This icon appears even when the patient has no outside data. If the patient has outside data, logos representing the linked organizations also appear so that clinicians are aware that the patient has outside information that does not appear in this tab. The hover bubble includes a message indicating outside data exists but has not been integrated into the current tab.

More Easily Identify Information from External Organizations in Chart Review

 A new banner appears in Chart Review for a patient who has a link to an outside organization.

  1. This banner contains actionable buttons that allow you to view an educational video about interoperability or dismiss the banner. The new banner appears in Chart Review if the following are true:
  • The patient has an existing link to at least one outside organization.
  • The Chart Review tab contains the Care Everywhere On
  1. Logos for external organizations linked to the patient now appear next to the Care Everywhere On Switch. Hovering over the logos shows the pre-existing hover bubble.


UChart Tip Sheet Last Updated 10/1/2021

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