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    • Update to the ED and Unit Manager Activity: You can now rearrange a care area in the ED and Unit Manger by dragging and dropping.

    • A New Look for the Claim Info form: The new claim info activity has a fresh new look.


    • Facility Address Appear in Transfer Center: Transfer Center now displays facility addresses of the referring and target facilities.


    • When you click Edit Multiple to update your unsigned orders, you'll notice that the form has a fresh look, and frequency-related fields might have moved.


    • Click Encounter in In Basket's Cosign Notes and Incomplete Notes folders to jump to a patient's chart with a selected note open in the sidebar. Each time you click Encounter in the Cosign Notes folder, you can choose between editing and attesting to your note


    • Use a Standard Pediatric Induction Assessment: Capture a standard set of details about pediatric inductions so that you can provide more informed care in subsequent visits and collect data for research on the best pre-medications and techniques for pediatric populations. 

    • i-Care Support in the Sidebar: Jump to emergency protocol guidelines, also known as i-Care reports, right from the reports sidebar of the Intraprocedure activity and document events for the protocols.

  • ASAP (ED)

    • Send Messages from the ED Track Board- You can now use Visit Messaging from the ED Track Board to keep friends and family in the loop about a patient’s progress.

    • Custom views now available in Haiku and Canto- Additional custom views are now available in mobile Track Board.

    • Consistent Times Across Mobile Track Board Views- You will now see more consistent patient times across mobile track boards.


    Track Pediatric Anthracycline Doses

    Pediatric and adult thresholds for safe dosages are different, the usual system-level lifetime dose tracking warnings might not appear at the right time for both age groups. To address this issue, a new BPA (Best Practice Advisory)  will show specific lifetime doses within the BPA so clinicians can evaluate dosage safety for their patients more easily.

    Discontinue Both Current and Future Plans from In Basket

    When discontinuing a treatment plan from In Basket, both the current and future treatment plans are now discontinued. Previously, in certain scenarios, when clicking Discontinue on a future plan in In Basket, the future plan appeared as both the current and future plan in the Discontinue Plan window. When selecting Accept, only the future plan was discontinued.  Now, the current and future plan appear correctly, and both plans are discontinued. To discontinue only a future, open the plan in the Treatment Plan Manager and select Discontinue.

    View Lifetime Cumulative Dosing from the Order Composer

    View cumulative dosing information from the order composer while ordering anthracycline medications.


    • Session Limit Summary Report - A new report is now available to see how your session limits are being used.

    • Welcome Summary Report- A welcome summary report is now available in the expand window of a patient’s appointment, case or admission.

    • Quick Distribution Shortcuts in Payment Collection- Quick distribution buttons are now available in Payment Collection.


    • Future MAR Actions Warning – There are now two variations of this warning, one allows you to click update administrations to update the administrations shown in the warning to canceled entry actions, click keep administrations to leave them as they are and save the current administration, or click cancel to return to the administration form. The other allows you to click continue administration to continue saving the current administration or click cancel to return to the administration form.

    • LDA documentation by another provider – allows a provider to document LDA information for another staff member who placed, assessed, or removed an LDA for a patient.

  • HIM

    • Check Pull Lists receive a new look with helpful features that allows the user to view chart details at the bottom of the Pull List and use toolbar options grouped logically for pull list actions and single chart actions.
    • Fewer clicks to Add a Signature Requirement by defaulting to the most common signature action of ordering information and logical fields are prefilled with the provider information.
    • The Main (Identity) Event has new filters and other features that make it easier for users to find the information they need about identity events.
      • Filters narrow the event list.
      • View events for archived patients in the event list.
      • Add comments without expanding an event row first.
      • Create a chart correction case without having to switch tabs.


    See Why a Result Was Prevented from Auto-Release

    • If a result was not released to a patient in MyChart, you can hover over the Visible to patient status in Results Release Reports to see who prevented automatic release and why. If you determine the patient should have access to the result, you can then click Release to release it manually.

    Mark New Patient-Reported Medications As Reviewed Before Marking Them Not Taking
    Clinicians must mark a new patient-reported medication as reviewed in the Home Medications navigator section before marking the medication as Not Taking.
    1. Open a medication from the Review Home Medications section of the patient’s chart.
    2. Click Mark as Reviewed on the medication.
    3. This will allow access to the Not Taking button.


    Document That a Patient Isn't Taking a Patient-Reported Medication
    You can now document that a patient isn't taking a patient-reported medication (person icon) just like you do for a prescription (house icon). Once a medication has been marked as review, the Not Taking button will become available for use.

    1. Click Not Taking.
    2. Patient not taking text now appears highlighted in yellow in the sig, just like it does for prescription medications.


    Ophthalmologists can use the new Cataract Planning activity to organize information about cataract procedures, such as:

    • The logistics related to a procedure
    • The overall goals of a surgery and its outcome (measured by refraction)
    • The intraocular lens to be used in the operation
    • Existing biometric orders used to select the power of an implanted lens


    Patients without  MyUHealthChart Account Can Cancel an Appointment

    There is now a link in open scheduling appointment confirmation emails allowing patients to launch a browser and cancel their appointment without the need of a MyUHealthChart account. This can help reduce no-shows and decrease phone calls.

    New Message Center

    The Message Center has changed. An updated Message Center helps patients quickly find messages they need because conversations with the same subject and participants are bundled into conversation threads. Patients can bookmark conversations for fast future access.

    The pre-defined folders that help her keep messages organized are:

    • Conversations – The main message folder where new replies and non-automated messages arrive.
    • Bookmarked – This folder includes messages that have been bookmarked by the patient to revisit later. For example, a message from a physical therapist with ongoing exercises to complete.
    • Appointment –This folder includes appointment-related messages, such as appointment scheduling requests or cancellations.
    • Automated messages –This folder includes messages sent automatically, such as payment confirmation or questionnaire submission confirmation messages.
    • Trash – This folder includes messages that the patient has deleted. These messages can be restored to the main conversation list if needed. Patients can't permanently delete messages in this folder without assistance from the organization.


    Create Subsets of Preference Cards from Reports

    You can click Create Subset to create subsets of preference cards to better organize preference cards and take advantage of search criteria in Global Substitution and in reports built in Preference Card Maintenance Dashboard.

     Preference Card Edits Update All Sections for New Cases and Logs

    When you edit a preference card and select the Update button, any cases or logs that started using the card, will now update all of the sections based on the updated preference card. Previously, when you choose to update cases or logs, it would update only those sections that were edited in the preference card.

    For example, if a user updates the Instruments and Staff sections of a preference card and then chooses to update cases and logs based on these changes, a log that just started using the preference card now uses all of the information from the preference card. All of the log's sections are updated to match what is in the preference card, including but not limited to the Instruments and Staff sections.


    Streamlined Workflow for Canceling Cases with Linked Appointments

    When you cancel a case that has linked appointments, you're now shown how many pre-op and post-op appointments are linked to the case. Hover over this information to see the visit type and start time for each appointment. If you want to cancel the appointments along with the case, click Cancel Case and Linked Appointments. If you want to cancel just the case, click Cancel Case instead.


    The Imaging Dashboard Moves to Radar

    Upgrade brings the new Radar Imaging Dashboard.

    1. Click on a study in a component to open the study in the imaging activity where you can take any necessary relevant action.
    2. Click the double arrows on any component to collapse or expand it. 
    3. On the right side of the dashboard track key performance indicators such as the volume of studies you've signed or the average turnaround time of your department. 
    4. Click the dots in the top right-hand corner of the dashboard to edit the dashboard. This dashboard is customizable, rearrange components or choose more components to add. 

    More Intuitive Structure for the Exam Info Section

    The Exam Info section in the Technologist Navigator, previously called the Staff Info section, is reorganized in a more intuitive format:

    1. The date and time fields appear next to each other, rather than in separate rows.
    2. Staff Information fields appear on the right side, separate from the rest of the exam information.
    3. The Repeat Exposures information appears beneath a separate header, with buttons you can click instead of typing in a table.
    4. If the total exposure or series was auto-calculated it could be incorrect in certain cases, technologist need to continue to document manually


    Hospital Billing

    • Easily Create Payment Plans from Enterprise Guarantor Summary
      • Users will no long user Account Contact tab to setup payment plans. Payment Plans are now created within the Enterprise Guarantor Summary where they can select individual HARs.

    • Fix Errors Faster with the Redesigned Claim Edit Assistant tab and errors sidebar
      • Claim Edit Assistant Errors sidebar allows users to fix a claim faster by clicking on errors to see the fix instructions.
    • New Look, Simplified Workflow for Enterprise Self-Pay Payment Posting.
      • Users can use the improved filters based on account statuses for manual distribution.

    Professional Billing

    • Easily Create Payment Plans from Enterprise Guarantor Summary
      • Users will no long user Account Contact tab to setup payment plans. Payment Plans are now created within the Enterprise Guarantor Summary where they can select individual HARs.
    • Prof Inquiry has been redesigned and has improved features combining past inquiry-related activities so that credit, insurance follow-up and other users can use a single workspace to quickly find what they need and take action.
    • New Look, Simplified Workflow for Enterprise Self-Pay Payment Posting.
      • Users can use the improved filters based on account statuses for manual distribution.


    • Compound and repackaging has been redesigned to look and function similar to dispense prep activity
    • Clinicians can complete their documentation faster with the updated MAR.

     Note: Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technicians have view-only access to the MAR.

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Once the upgrade is complete, assistance will be available 24/7 from Sunday, October 10 through Sunday, October 17 by calling (305) 243-5999 and selecting option 2, or emailing UChartHD@med.miami.edu.

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