Alerts and Announcements

Monday, April 22

Launch of Secure Chat Brings HIPAA Compliant Messaging to UHealth

Secure, Simple, Real-Time Communication

Healthcare providers at UHealth can now use UChart's Secure Chat for HIPAA compliant messaging. This added UChart functionality enhances the quality and speed of communication between users, while reducing interruptions and delays in overall patient care.

Secure Chat is available in hyperspace for all UChart users, and providers have additional accessbility on mobile devices via Haiku/Canto. To learn how to access SecureChat, please view the instruction guide by clicking here. The Usage Policy is available on PolicyStat here.

Monday, March 25

New UChart Upgrade and System Maintenance Strategy

As of 2019, the UHealth IT team will be adopting a quarterly upgrade strategy for UChart as led by Epic, the electronic medical record (EMR) vendor. Our first upgrade of 2019 will bundle the software releases currently available, with a  Go-Live scheduled for Sunday, June 16.

These planned UChart upgrades will comply with reporting requirements for important regulatory programs such as Meaningful Use/Promoting Interoperability, Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR), and the Quality Payment Program (QPP). They should also reduce the need for frequent urgent, but unplanned, updates which can lead to inconvenient system unavailability for our providers. Additionally, the third Sunday of every month will be reserved for ongoing system maintenance.

The goal of this new approach is to continuously deliver enhancements and new functionalities, with minimal impact to users in terms of adjustment to changes, training commitments, and downtimes. However, unplanned system maintenance may still be necessary and will be performed as needed, with as much advance notice as possible provided.

We are committed to supporting the Health System’s IT needs through technology and look forward to your continued support. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

Friday, December 21

Unlocking Improvements to Patient Care through Technology Optimization

Taking a bold approach to enhancing the level of support provided by UHealth’s Information Technology team has paved the way for an expansion of IT’s efforts into perioperative optimization across eight areas at the health system’s flagship hospital, UHealth Tower.

This  optimization initiative, which ran from November to December 2018, was a tremendous undertaking for the UHealth IT department in an attempt to deliver solutions which improve both the experience we offer to our end users and our systems. We successfully bridged the people, process, and technology workflows with this pilot as we optimized technology, standardized IT workflows, and increased OR efficiencies. 

With 27 members of the UHealth IT team working on this project, we addressed over 230 areas of optimization in a short 6 weeks. Updates included a combination of enhancements and break fixes impacting a wide range of user groups in the UTower’s Main OR, Ambulatory OR, Departmental Surgical Scheduling, Insurance Verification, Registration, Revenue Integrity, Charge Poster, and UPAC. Impacted groups included surgeons, anesthesiologists, residents, schedulers, and nursing staff.  To access resources and re-education materials, visit

Following the success of the Perioperative Optimization, the UHealth IT Optimization team will strategically move into additional operational areas across the health system, starting with the Cath Lab and Heart Station in January 2019.

Thursday, September 27

Technology Solutions Drive Transformational Change across the UHealth System

In line with the strategic objectives defined through the 5 to Thrive initiatives, UHealth Information Technology (UHealth IT) is preparing for the double upgrade of UChart, the health system’s electronic health record (EHR), on Sunday, September 30.

Once complete, UHealth will be the first health system in South Florida to be on the latest version of UChart. The new system features will play a key role in providing our healthcare workers with the tools needed to achieve a standard of excellence that will make UHealth a preeminent health system for the 21st century.

Tanira Ferreira, M.D., chief medical officer at UHealth said, “With the EHR integrated in our clinics and hospitals, patients gain because their information is available not only to them but also to any healthcare provider who touches that patient throughout the health system.”

“As the drivers of the technology solutions and services supporting the medical and research activities throughout the UHealth System, we at UHealth IT are keen to partner with physicians, nurses, health care providers, researchers, and staff,” said David Seo, M.D., chief information officer. “UChart is a robust solution, and with a strong partnership between IT and clinical operations, we are able to leverage our systems to their fullest potential to best serve our patients and the community.”

With the enterprise-wide implementation of UChart and the latest system upgrade behind us, the continued partnership between health care providers and the UHealth IT team will be critical to delivering better, safer and more efficient care to all.

“We are entering an era of optimization that requires the IT team to work hand-in-hand with physicians to customize the applications for their practice,” said Dr. Ferreira. “We are ready to take our care to the next level.”


Friday, July 13

Take a Deep Dive into the UChart v2018 Go-Live: Sunday, September 30

With less than 100 days until the Sunday, September 30 upgrade to UChart v2018, we are excited about the new features and enhanced functionalities which will have a tremendous impact on how we continue to serve our patients. Highlighted below are some of these enhancements impacting all facilities across the UHealth System.

To learn more, please   click here.

Wednesday, June 14

Here's Your Sneak Peek into UChart v2018! Go-Live: Sunday, September 30

We are pleased to announce UChart will be   upgraded from v2015 to v2018 on Sunday, September 30.

While this is a tremendous undertaking affecting all clinical users across our hospital and clinics, the upgrade to UChart v2018 is a double upgrade encompassing significant changes with enhanced functionalities and new features needed to provide the transformative healthcare, exceptional medical education, and superb patient experience to those we serve.

Over the coming months, we will share additional information, including invitations to participate in user acceptance testing, access to the updated playground environment, tailored demos, and computer-based training resources.

To learn more, please   click here.

University of Miami Hospital Implements State-of-the-Art Electronic Medical Record System

University of Miami Hospital (UMH) is significantly transforming its patient care experience by upgrading its electronic medical record (EMR) system to UChart. This will mark the final phase of the University’s creation of a true enterprise-level EMR, and implementation is on schedule to be completed in October 2017.  

A significant shift for healthcare providers at UMH will be the transition from Meditech and paper documentation to fully electronic medical records. To ensure this transition has minimal inconvenience to current workflows, the UHealth Information Technology (IT) implementation team is leveraging best practices from previous implementations at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute and Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.  

Additionally, the UHealth IT training team has developed role-based training tracks for nurses, physicians, and staff at UMH. This streamlined approach was developed to minimize impact on day-to-day operations and will offer all healthcare providers the knowledge, tools, and access needed to effectively use UChart.  

Duo MFA Required to Access UChart

Effective Sunday, August 27, all UChart users accessing the system through a non-shared workstation, e.g. a private computer, or through a remote connection, will be required to authenticate via Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) once per 24-hr period. This provides additional security to keep your UChart account and our patient data secure.

If you have not enrolled in Duo MFA, you will be redirected to the registration site. Please complete the enrollment process as soon as possible to avoid further delays.

Note: When using the following workstations types, the UChart desktop icon must be used to access the system. This will enable you to log in as normal.

  • Kiosk, e.g. a Generic Login PC or WoWs
  • Imprivata “Tap & Go” workstation
  • Shared workstation

If you have any questions about Duo MFA, or need additional information, please visit, or contact the UMIT Service Desk at: (305) 284-6565 or